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What is “Aged” or “Photo-Aged” Skin?

What is Aged or Photo-Aged Skin?

Here are some of the characteristics of aged skin on a scientific level:

  1. Aged skin differs from youthful skin both in appearance and function
  2. Aged skin is thinner (both the epidermis and dermis) and lacks as many keratinocytes
  3. Aged skin has slower epidermal turnover (reduced by 50%) and impair the skin’s barrier function
  4. Aged skin has slower wound healing
  5. Overall, aged skin  appears thin, wrinkled, bruised and rough
  6. The dermis in aged skin produces less collagen, elastin and GAGs (Glycosaminoglycans)
  7. The aged dermis lacks elasticity, strength, remodelling abilities and ground substance (the matrix surrounding skin cells)
  8. Melanocytes decrease by 8-20% per decade (less protection against harmful UV rays)
  9. Stem Cells are still present in aged skin, but it appears they do not function as they once did in our youth – they are les “active”
Whilst severely aged skin may require laser treatment or surgical face lifting for an effective rejuvenation result, there is certainly a place for PRP and Stem Cell therapy in the treatment  and prevention of EARLY AGING.
Dr Rhett Bosnich (American Board Certified in Cosmetic & Dermatologic Laser Surgery and PHotodynamic Therapy) has been performing “Non-Laser Fractionated Resurfacing” (or Medical/Surgical Grade Microneedling) for over 10 years.
He combines his treatment with the world’s best PRP and Stem Cell Therapy and Photodynamic Therapy for a safe rejuvenation specifically aimed at skin with earlier signs of aging:
  1. To slow down the aging process and delay the need for Laser/surgical Intervention
  2. Promote thicker, more refined skin by stimulating the formation of collagen, elastin and GAGs in the skin
  3. Increase the number of “Activated” stem cells in the skin as opposed to “Dormant” Stem Cells
If you would like a confidential discussion about how Dr Bosnich can provide you with a natural anti-aging solution via PRP-Stem Cell Therapy – call us today or enquire via the online enquiry form in the Contact Us tab.