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Vaginal PRP Rejuvenation Patient Feedback

Vaginal PRP Rejuvenation Patient Feedback

Case Study from Ms A

We were so thrilled that one of our patients had such a successful result from her initial vaginal PRP Rejuvenation.

After suffering Perinatal trauma she experienced post-partum incontinence and moderate sexual dysfunction.

After one session she noticed a significant improvement and will continue her Vaginal PRP session  combined with Pelvic Floor exercises to maintain and improve on her results.

Have a read of her diary of her personal experience over the 12 weeks following treatment:

July 2014

Hello Dr Rhett,

I had the vaginal PRP procedure done 9-10 weeks ago and I am giving you an update on its progress.

First week: a little discomfort in area.

@ 1-2 weeks tried sex and clitoris stimulation massive improvement. Achieved orgasm (although orgasm weak) Sexual enjoyment/ excitement much improved! Body easily reacted to stimulation – very close to how it used to. Felt like ringing you to let you know, but thought I’d wait until 6 weeks.

Weeks 2-3 monthly cycle no sex

Weeks 3-4 womens health physio to help with strengthening pelvic floor muscles. Week 4-6 improvement of incontinence, no longer suffering each day but still not cured as such. Sexual activity minimal as partner away.

Week 6-9 (current)  sexual response not as easy as at week 2. Incontinence vast improvement. Am continuing with physio exercises and will update at the 12 week mark.

I’m so happy with the results already but I do have a question though, Im really hoping to get a second vaginal PRP treatment to give it another boost.  Could this possibly be done?

Thanks so much for restoring my sexual health and incontinence. My everyday life is really getting back on track with this procedure 🙂 !!!!!!!!

Having incontinence changed my lifestyle so much, I used to be so active and then I couldn’t do anything without weeing myself everyday… This improvement from the vaginal rejuvenation pro treatment is fantastic. Thanks heaps and I’ll wait for another few weeks for the final results.

Our response:

Thanks Ms A, yes you can have repeat treatment – in fact, since you have had significant trauma to the area,  repeat treatment is encouraged to attain the cumulative benefits of PRP combined with continuing to regularly see your physiotherapist for your pelvic floor exercises.  PRP stimulates tissue hypertrophy, eg vaginal mucosa, and other collagenous tissue in the area, while Kegel exercises help to improve your pelvic floor muscle strength, endurance and reflexes. The fact that you are having a considerable improvement so early in your rehabilitation phase is great sign of your prognosis over the coming 6 months if you stick with it.
Thank you for your feedback!