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Unlimited Grafts – Fact or Fiction?

We have recently noticed a number of advertisements for Hair Transplantation offering “Unlimited Grafts’.

Consumers and patient should understand that there is no such thing as “Unlimited Grafts”.

Everyone has a limited (finite) supply of hair follicles on their head – those with hair loss issues have even less supply.

It requires a qualified Hair Transplant Surgeon to determine:

  • Whether you are a suitable candidate for surgery at all
  • How much supply of hair you have at the back of your scalp to donate to the areas of your hair loss during transplantation
  • Whether the results you expect from Hair Transplantation are achievable using the amount of hair supply you have at the back of your scalp
  • What types of medication you require to enhance your hair restoration results
  • Whether PRP or Stem Cell therapy may be an option for you to consider – there are many grades on the market (if you choose this treatment, spend wisely on the best quality)

At Newin Institute, we recommend you do your research very carefully to determine exactly how many grafts are required to achieve the final Hair Restoration results you desire:

  1. You should ALWAYS talk directly with the surgeon
  2. ALWAYS ensure you are speaking with a doctor when asking medical advice
  3. Seek a consultation with a highly qualified (preferably ABHRS certfied) Hair Transplant expert to ensure you are getting all the correct and accurate information about you surgical and non-surgical hair restoration options
  4. Be skeptical of free consultations, particularly consultations that do not involve a doctor’s opinion – you get the advice that you pay for.
Before you spend hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on unproven treatments, ensure you speak with Dr Bosnich for a genuine and confidential discussion about all the real hair treatment options available. The savings are worth the consultation.
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