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Thin Donor Hair

Thin Donor Hair

Thin Donor Hair Online Enquiry – Is there a treatment option for me?

Thin Donor Hair Treatment - BHT FUEI am 54 years old and have had multiple hair transplants during my lifetime.

In all I have had 6 hair transplants made up of the “plugs” from the old days followed by 3 strip surgeries over the last 15 years. Doing this has left my donor area very sparse with multiple linear scars present which force me to keep my hair at the back that little bit longer.

I am not sure whether I can take out any more donor hair as the area is already thin enough.

Overall my density on top is ok but my crown is very thin which has been for many years. I want to have another transplant but am not sure whether it is possible or whether there is an alternate treatment option. Please help me.   Mr L T

Thin Donor Hair Online Enquiry – Sample Email Response:

Thanks for sending us your email enquiry about your thin donor hair and for providing us the essential details that we require to provide you with an informed response.

When we factor in that you have had a total of six hair transplants in all – comprised of the older and the newer surgical techniques –  it would be safe to say that your scalp would feel very tight.

It is also fair to presume that because you have had the old plugs (large punch grafts) extracted from the back or your scalp, this would have left many 4mm scar spots spread over that area leaving the area very thin. Based on your tight scalp and low donor density you would not be suitable for either FUSS or FUE from the back of the scalp. This is because the back of your scalp may not be noticeably thin to others, but if more follicles are harvested from this area it could create visible thinness.

The fact that you are 54 years of age and that your crown has been thin for many years indicates that treatments such as medication or PRP are unlikely to deliver a result you could be reasonably happy with.

If a hair transplant patient has depleted their donor supply because of many previous hair transplant surgeries, we call this thin donor hair. What we can often do is recommend body hair transplantation (known as “BHT”) as an alternative to to further extracting from the back of the scalp.

Having a BHT procedure involves the Doctor extracting selected hairs from the body one by one by using an FUE punch. BHT is a slower extraction process as compared to extracting from the donor region so the maximum grafts per day is limited to around 500-700 grafts (verses 1500-2000 if taken from the scalp). You also need to have a sufficient supply of hair on the body available for extraction and re-implantation to the area of remaining hair loss on your head.

The body hairs can be extracted from your legs, chest or back. For best results, the Doctor will normally recommend FUE extraction from the region containing hair follicles with the thickest hair diameter because it would make the biggest visual impact for the same number of grafts.

It is impossible to estimate how many grafts your crown may require without visually assessing the area first, as well as the areas on your body where we could best harvest donor hairs. There is the possibility that you may require two BHT surgery sessions over two days in order to obtain the necessary number of grafts to provide you with the outcome.

Please understand that body hairs implanted do not have a growth (anagen) phase comparable to your surrounding hair. What this means is that, whilst your normal scalp hairs grow longer and, therefore, may allow you the option to grow them to a longer length – the body hairs may grow only to a maximum length of 3-5cm due to their short growth phase.

Also be aware that the hair shaft diameter, growth behaviour (curly/wavy/straight) and colour of the body hairs may be different that your surrounding scalp hair. This can become an issue if planting body hairs into the frontal hairline, however it is unlikely to cause any concerns as you will be opting for these hairs into your crown. Head hair can be dyed if colour contrast is a worry for you. Oftentimes short curly hairs provide some good volume underneath for your existing hairs which can be a positive for some.

To obtain an exact graft number and pricing we recommend that you contact us to arrange a face to face appointment. Our number is 03 9693 9200.