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Stem Cells

Adult Stem Cell Injections


Adult Stem cell Injections for Sports Injuries

Adipose tissue contains the most abundant and easily accessible source of adult stem cells; primarily mesenchymal. Your own adipose tissue (fat) is the source of the stem cells that will be harvested and injected into the site of your injury or pain. The use of minimally manipulated autologous (coming from the patient’s own body) stem cells for orthopedic conditions is legal and safe, and occurs in the one session.

The Procedure:

Fat harvesting for ADSC therapy is performed with a very simple process called lipoaspiration – also called “Mini-Manual Liposuction”. This quick and minimally invasive procedure is vastly different from liposuction.

What is the difference between “Liposuction” and “Mini-Manual Liposuction”?

ADSC.FatharvestingLiposuction is performed by a surgeon using general anesthesia or sedation with high-pressure suction that can damage the viability of the important stem cells. Liposuction removes a very large volume of fat and is intended for a cosmetic result, eg removal of cellulite, etc.

“Mini-Manual Liposuction” uses:

  • a small amount of local anesthetic
  • a tiny incision into the skin requiring no suturing
  • a small instrument slightly larger than a hypodermic needle
  • a very small amount of fat (about 40cc) removed for extraction of stem cells

“Mini-Manual Liposuction” 

  • does not leave any visible residual change in abdominal fat volume
  • does not damage the viability of the essential delicate stem cells during harvesting – so they are in optimal condition once extracted and transplanted/injected to the site of concern
  • antibiotics and dressings are provided to you to care for the small area of fat harvesting

The stem cells are then combined with High-Concentrated Photo-Activated Platelet Rich Plasma (HC-PA-PRP) and stimulated into an activated state, ready for injection and repair. After injection of ADSC/HDC-PA-PRP healing begins to occur via Stem Cells, Growth Factors and other bio-active proteins from the PRP.

The stem cells stimulate your own body’s healing response and perform a variety of healing functions by differentiating, or changing, into whatever type of cells are needed at the injury site, including ligament, tendon, cartilage or bone.

Stem cell injection is an emerging and innovative treatment for orthopedic injury and other musculoskeletal pain. Stem cell injection is an outpatient process performed right here at the Newin Institute and is a consideration for any athlete, active person or individual suffering injury or age-related wear and tear to:

  • Repair soft tissue injury
  • Regain full functioning post-injury
  • Avoid a prolonged rehabilitation or recovery period
  • Prepare for orthopaedic surgery


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