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Stem Cells

Cosmetic Revolution


Stem Cells, PRP and the latest Cellular Cosmeceuticals tailored to rejuvenate your skin – what ever your age…

stem cell rejuvenation


Our non-surgical Regenerative Bio-Cellular ADSC Facial Skin Rejuvenation treatment offers the most innovative techniques to
encourage improvement in your skin by encouraging skin Growth Factors to enhance collagen and elastin deposition to improve fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture and decrease tendency to breakouts and blemished skin.

Prevent ageing with Regenerative Medicine by combining or potentially avoiding facial injectables such as fillers and muscle-relaxants…



We prepare your skin for treatment using a number of factors including lactic peels to naturally stimulate skin growth factors, vitamin infusions of A, C E and Phototherapy in readiness for your PRP/Stem Cell skin rejuvenation procedure. We create a tailored serum for you using your photoactivated PRP/ADSC and cellular cosmeceuticals for application following your Medical Grade Microneedling session to trigger the wound healing cascade that initiates the rejuvenation and repair process. Combine this innovative treatment with IV ADSC for a more holistic approach to anti-aging.


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