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Stem Cells

ADSC Hair Restoration


Adult Adipose-Derived Hair Restoration Therapy



ADSC Hair Restoration Therapy is the most premium Regenerative Hair Treatment service we offer.

Through a combination of proprietary techniques, Dr Rhett Bosnich has developed Newin Institute’s premium non-surgical hair loss treatment that that is tailored for you.  The treatment aims to stimulate your body to rejuvenate miniaturised hair follicles and combines:

  • Adipose-Derived Adult Stem Cells
  • High-Density Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Non-biological Cellular Enhancers
  • Medical Grade Fractionated Needling



Regenerative Medicine is an effective way of stimulating your own body to heal itself. Visible results can last for several months, but like medication will diminish and require repeat treatment at a later stage.  For permanent results you may wish to consider an assessment for medication or surgical intervention options.

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