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PRP Hair Injections – The Issue of Quality Treatment


Are you getting the full benefits from your PRP Hair Injections?  There is a famous saying:

“…The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten…”

There are many hair loss clinics jumping on the band wagon to offer prp hair injections to cure your baldness. However, the discerning consumer should be wary of the quality and standard before undergoing these treatments.

Here are some good reasons not to skimp on price over quality PRP hair injections:

PRP Hair Injections – Should ALWAYS be performed in a medical facility

Newin Institute - Surgical TheatreMost importantly, PRP should always be performed in a quality medical facility. Medical clinics must comply with the appropriate cleaning and equipment maintenance policies set by the Medical Board, and they must keep documented records of sterilisation of equipment.

It is becoming apparent that unlicensed practitioners are offering PRP Hair Injections in hairdressing salons and other non-medical environments. There are a number of serious safety issues with this concept.

Firstly: Remember – prp involves the collection and processing of blood and the risk of cross-infection of blood-borne diseases is a serious concern in non-sterile environments.

From theatres to bathrooms and waiting rooms, our premises and equipment at Newin Institute are disinfected and sterilised between each and every patient, to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and ensure your patient safety.

Secondly: PRP hair injections should only be administered by a registered doctor, who is specifically experienced and educated in hair loss and hair restoration treatments.

Nurses are unable to perform prp hair injections the Newin Institute way because the practitioner must be a doctor and certified as trained by Dr Rhett Bosnich (International Clinical Educator for Adistem Ltd). Furthermore, nurses cannot administer prescription medications like local anaesthetic – by law they can only do so under the guidance of a qualified doctor.


Beyond PRP Hair Injections – Additional techniques for a quality treatment

PRP Hair InjectionsAt Newin Institute we perform the PRP procedure in the way that is 100% tailored specifically for hair loss treatment. Our patients commonly report that it takes about 11-12 months before the PRP benefits began to diminish. In some rare cases it is slightly quicker than this. For this very reason we recommend 1 PRP treatment per year to maintain or potentially further improve our patient’s results. For the minority it is once every 6-8 months.

Let’s look at the opposite scenario…

If small amounts of blood are used, with a basic centrifuge, without activating the dormant platelets and having them injected into sites that have had topical anaesthetic cream or local anaesthetic administered directly onto the same spot, and the PRP is performed by a person that is not a doctor specialized in PRP treatment, then you cannot possibly expect to achieve a quality outcome.

Some clinics out there may recommend that you have as many as 4-10 PRP sessions within a 12 month period, which is excessive according to the latest information from the Annual ISHRS conference that was recently held in September, 2014. When performed and processed appropriately, it usually takes a year to notice a diminishing of results.

So why would you be asked to undergo PRP Hair Injections every 2-3 months?


PRP Hair Injections – The Newin Institute way

Newin Institute often receives new enquiries each week from hair loss sufferers that undertook PRP hair injections at other clinics in the past with no results. Rather than accepting the possibility that the PRP may not be for them, the staff at Newin Institute would ask questions and often notice the same pattern… Staff frequently found that the treating “clinic “ (often not a medical clinic) extracted only the minimal 10-20mls of blood; the platelets were not light activated; used topical anaesthetic cream within the recipient area; or the treatment was not performed by a Doctor.

In some cases it was all of the above. Often the clients admitted to deciding on a PRP clinic based on their cheaper PRP price. Unfortunately, they would often find out the hard way that you get what you pay for.

These hair loss sufferers were understandably hesitant to explore PRP hair injections ever again. However, when we explained the differences between how Newin Institute performs PRP to the rest of the industry, they started to become curious. Long story short, most of these men and women decided to have a treatment performed “the Newin way”.

After coming in for their 6 month check, 3 out of every 4 patients were very happy to notice hair shedding significantly reduce and density within thin areas thicken. This represents a 75% success rate on patients that previously failed achieve any results via PRP at another clinic! It’s these particular patients’ experience that reinforce to us that the PRP treatment offered at Newin Institute is optimized for treating hair loss.

If you would like to be assessed for PRP hair injections at Newin Institute in Melbourne or Sydney, please call us on 03 9693 9200 or enquire online now!

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