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Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair Loss (PRP) – How many treatments do I need?

man with hair lossPlatelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment has been used in the treatment of hair loss since 2005. Dr Joe Greco, amongst others, pioneered the use of PRP in the treatment of hair loss conditions such as androgenetic alopecia (male and female pattern hair loss), LPP (Lichen planopilaris), and alopecia areata.

PRP itself is not a new concept – it has been applied in veterinary science and orthopaedic/sports conditions for over 15 years. However, the application of prp for hair loss is relatively recent. As a result there are many questions that we need to know when it comes to performing PRP for hair loss in males and females with androgenetic alopecia.

How often and how many Platelet Rich Plasma treatments should we perform?

How much blood should we taking?… How concentrated do the platelets need to be?…

Do we need to use a particular PRP system?… Etc.

Some clinics propose performing up to 12 PRP treatments in a year while others recommend 1-2 per year.

So who is correct?

platelet rich plasma processingA lot of research has already been performed in the field by Dr Joseph Greco. He demonstrates that if we take at least 60ml of blood then we need only to perform a PRP treatment once (or at most twice) per year, when administering Platelet Rich Plasma for hair loss in males and females.

This finding has been further supported by a recent study presented at the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) Annual Meeting in Kuala Lumpur; October 2014. Dr Rinaldi presented a paper (“How I Prepare for the Treatment of Hair Loss”) that demonstrated that if he took 30ml of blood and performed three (3) treatments every two months (0, 2 and 4 months) he achieved good results for androgenetic alopecia (and alopecia areata), in males and females. Given that he was taking half the volume of blood (recommended by Dr Greco) it makes logical sense that 3 treatments would be required (versus one or two per year if 60ml of blood is taken).

So this paper adds more support to what has already been known; if the correct volume of blood is taken out and PRP treatment performed properly (which is more complex than most people and doctors realise) we do not need to perform excessive and unnecessary treatments. As doctors it is our aim to do no harm and minimise any treatments performed and their frequency.

So our advice to people thinking about Platelet Rich Plasma for hair loss is:

  • Be assessed by a doctor at a Medical clinic that specialises in PRP for hair loss and other forms of hair loss management

Not all patients are suitable for PRP so you need to be formally assessed by a doctor. Then your appropriate treatment plan utilising PRP can be determined – 3 treatments (over 4 or at most 6 months) utilising 30 ml of blood on each occasion or 1 (or at most 2) treatments (over a year) utilising at least 60ml of blood.

Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair at Newin Institute

At Newin institute we specialise in the management of hair loss and the use of Platlet Rich Plasma for hair loss. Our assessment and recommendation for the best course of treatment will always be provided by the doctor in writing.

For further information contact our clinic via the Enquire Now button or by phone on 03 9693920.