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PRP Hair Restoration

What is involved in the PRP Hair procedure?


What is involved in the PRP Hair Restoration procedure?

Two types of PRP-Stem Cell Hair Restoration Therapy are performed at Newin Institute.

Blood-Derived PRP Hair Restoration Therapy:

Treatment involves the collecion of your own blood (about 60-120ml), which is then ‘spun down’ using a centrifuge. This concentrates your blood platelets to a very high concentration and separates out the plasma and platelet portion from the red blood cells.

Treatment Time = 60-90 mins

Adipose (Fat)-Derived Stem Cell Therapy:

An advanced procedure to the Blood-Derived PRP Therapy where a small amount of fat is removed via liposuction from your abdominal area and then processed and centrifuged to extract actual adult stem cells.

Treatment Time = 2-3 hours 


Once the blood or fat is processed, the area of hair loss to be treated is anaesthetised and then stimulated by skin needling.

The dormant growth factors in the Platelet-Rich Plasma and/or the extracted Stem Cells are then subjected to a special activation process, and then re-injected back into your scalp in regions of concern that are either:

  1. About to undergo Hair Transplantation Surgery; and/or
  2. Undergoing miniaturisation of follicles from male or female pattern hair loss; and/or
  3. Affected by Alopecia Areata; and/or
  4. Deemed appropriate for treatment by the treating Hair Restoration Surgeon

You can resume normal activities immediately, but you cannot wash your hair that evening.

For a No-Obligation Consultation with Dr Rhett Bosnich about a Hair Transplant and/or PRP Hair Restoration Therapy, call us on 1300 360 764 or email us via the Enquire Now button.