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PRP Hair Restoration

How PRP for Hair Regrowth differs to other PRP?


BEWARE: Not all PRP Treatments are the same…

PRP and Stem Cell therapies have been successfully used for many years in the Orthopaedic field of medicine to repair damaged tendons, ligaments and cartilage.

However, visiting your local sports doctor or GP for treatment to the scalp for hair loss is unlikely to produce the same quality results for a number of reasons.

PRP-Stem Cell Therapy at Newin Institute has been specifically designed for Hair Regrowth, based on world-leading clinical work of Dr Joseph Greco and the scientific studies of International Biomedical Research and Development company – Adistem Pty Ltd.

Concentration of Platelets in the plasma

The PRP-Stem Cell techniques for Hair Regrowth have been developed by Dr Joseph Greco over many years.

Studies show that, unlike in the treatment of tendons and ligaments, stimulation of hair regrowth requires plasma with a much higher concentration of platelets for successful results.

Here at Newin Institute, we concentrate your blood platelets to the highest concentration.

Light Activation of dormant Growth Factors and Stem Cells

Growth Factors and Stem Cells remain dormant in the plasma and remain so until stimulated.

Our special light activation system contains the correct, scientifically proven specific wavelengths that excite the Growth Factors and Stem Cells to produce hair.

Stimulation of the Wound Healing Cascade

Our special microneedling technique activates the treatment site (area of thinning hair) and stimulates the wound healing cascade.  This attracts the right Growth Factors to stimulate hair production by stem cells.