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PRP Hair Restoration

Amplified PRP-Stem Cells Therapy


Laboratory Amplified PRP-Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Regrowth


Dr Bosnich has further refined and developed a new and revolutionary technique to amplify your critical growth factors for stimulating hair follicle growth higher than any centrifuge on the market can produce.

This can be performed with PRP and PRP-ADSC (Adult Stem Cell PRP) Hair Restoration.

How are the Growth Factors Amplified?

Platinum PRP Therapy

Your blood is collected at Newin Institute and we immediately process it via centrifugation and other methods in the one session to produce a final PRP that is more highly concentrated than centrifugation alone.

In the same session, if you opt to have your own Stem Cells added to your amplified PRP, the surgeon will also harvest fat from you abdominal area and extract your Adipose-Derived Stem Cells using a delicate proprietary technique and are also stimulated to secrete growth factors to a very high concentration. The millions of Stem Cells and additional Growth Factors are added back to your already concentrated PRP.

The Growth factors, PRP and/or Stem Cells final product is prepared for injection into the recipient site (eg area of hair loss).

The entire process occurs in the one session at Newin Institute Melbourne |  Sydney |  Bangkok

Platinum Stem Cell PRP Therapy

Your blood is collected and so is a small amount of your abdominal fat (which contains the stem cells).

Again, the blood platelets and stem cells are processed and stimulated in the Newin Institute clinic to produce a highly concentrated vial of growth factors and stem cells for reinjection into target tissue, ie area of hair loss.

While awaiting processing, your scalp will be prepare with medical grade microneeding component and then the final product reinjected into your scalp in the same session in the one day.

Where can I have this treatment performed?

Dr Bosnich is able to perform Laboratory Amplified blood PRP in Melbourne | Sydney | Bangkok

If you desire stem cells to boost your Platinum grade PRP, this procedure must be performed in:

  • our Melbourne surgical clinic; or
  • our Bangkok surgical rooms

as it requires a small amount of mini-liposuction to harvest the abdominal fat (which contains the precious stem cells).

Contact us now for a confidential discussion or a direct consultation with Dr Bosnich – the world’s leading provider of PRP-Stem Cell Treatments specifically for Hair Loss on (03) 9693 9200.