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PRP Hair Restoration



thumbnail_Lorraine.prePRPLorraine – Women’s Hair Loss

Lorraine suffered for several years with a triangular patch of Female Pattern Hair Loss inherited from her mother who also suffers from FPHL.

Lorraine tried Rogaine unsuccessfully; and had only temporary improvements whilst taking the Oral Contraceptive Pill.

Wanting to avoid medication completely she was determined to have FUE Hair Transplant Surgery into the area.

Dr Rhett Bosnich suggested PRP Hair Restoration as a safe and effective first treatment for FPHL.

Note that several months prior to PRP Hair Restoration Treatment, Lorraine permanently ceased the OCP and topical Rogaine, and is not currently using any other special vitamins or topical treatments.

The results after only 3 months are simply incredible, but scroll down to view her progression since her treatment 5 months ago…



In Theatre During the PRP Procedure:woman.hairloss2