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PRP Hair Restoration

PRP Photos


PRP Hair Restoration Procedures performed by Dr Rhett Bosnich

Melbourne and Sydney

View some of the incredible results in the slider below…

Women, in particular, should take a close look at Lorraine’s photos – After 5 months she is still happily progressing well without hair loss medication, hair transplantation or the need for cosmetic enhancers to cover her balding patch.

It should be noted that PRP and Stem cell Therapy cannot be compared with Hair Transplantation.  It is an ideal alternative for those avoiding surgery or medication. The PRP and Stem Cells stimulate the affected hairs in the area of hair loss and improve texture, growth and nutrition. Like medication, repeat treatment is required at some stage, eg 12 months and can be quite cost effective when compared with medication.

For treatment of extreme hair loss, hair transplantation still provides the best most permanent results, but PRP can be incorporated into your medical and/or surgical management plan.

(To view Surgical Hair Restoration Before and After photos, please visit the Newin Institute Hair Transplant Surgery Gallery)

  • Lorraine – PRP only

    Lorraine – PRP only
  • Mr R – PRP+ADSC

    Mr R – PRP+ADSC
  • Mr F – PRP only

    Mr F – PRP only