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PRP Hair Restoration

PRP Hair Restoration FAQs



How long has PRP Therapy been used to treat hair loss?

PRP was initially used in 2004.  Pioneered for hair regrowth by Dr Joseph Greco, Hair Restoration Physi

cians have been using it safely and effectively to treat hair loss patients since 2007.

Can Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy be used with hair loss medication?

Yes. It may have a better effect if used together (synergistic).

Can Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy be used in both men and women?

Yes. Studies have shown improvement in both men and women. It would appear to be more effective in patients who have early stage hair loss (males – Norwood Type I, II or III; females Ludwig I).

What other conditions can be treated by Platelet Rich Plasma?

Generally it has been used to treat male or female pattern hair loss. However, it has shown some early promising results in patients with Alopecia Areata. Further studies are required to investigate the applications for PRP.

When do results occur?

Results can be seen from two to four months after treatment, with the peak effect lasting up to 11 months or more.

What happens after that?

PRP is not a cure for hair loss. After 11 months the benefits/effects of this will start to diminish and without further treatment hair will progress back to how it was before treatment.  However, it is possible to have another treatment around this time.

Is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy painful?

Minimal discomfort occurs when the area to be treated has to be injected to numb it with local anaesthetic. There may be some slight tenderness or discomfort of the scalp the next day.

How long does it take?

Around 45 to 60 minutes for Blood-Derived PRP and 2-3 hours for Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Therapy.

What can I do and not do after my Platelet Rich Plasma procedure?

You CAN resume normal activities immediately after treatment.
You CANNOT wash your hair until the following morning.