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PRP For Women, A Safe and Effective Treatment for Hair Loss in women..

Hair loss is a devasting condition for both men and women alike. Hair Loss in Women or Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL), however, is very diffferent to Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL). Unlike men, women tend to lose their hair all over the scalp.According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS):

  • 50% of women experience noticable hair loss and of these, only 40% are candidates for Hair Transplant Surgery

So this makes Hair Transplantation Surgery an unlikley solution for about 60% of women with hair loss.

In the past the only other alternative hair loss solutions were medication, wigs and hair-pieces.

PRP Hair Restoration offers new hope

Platelet Rich Plasma Stem Cell Therapy offers new hope for women’s hair loss.

World-leading research and clinical evidence shows that new hair can be stimulated to grow by harnessing the power of Growth Factors and Stem Cells from your own blood.

At Newin Institute, Dr Rhett Bosnich has worked in conjunction with a world-leading Biomedical Research and Development company to pioneer and refine a non-surgical treatment for hair loss.

Hair Restoration Melbourne and Sydney

View Dr Bosnich’s incredible results using PRP for Women’s Hair Loss in the PRP Photo Gallery

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…and discuss whether Hair Transplant Surgery or PRP Hair Restoration Therapy are suitable treatment options for you.

Female Pattern Hair Loss

Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) can be treated with PRP hair restoration therapy, a safe and effective alternative to hair transplant surgery and adjunct to medication.

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