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PRP Injection Price Variations

PRP Injection – Why price varies? When shopping around for PRP it does not take long to discover that the cost of PRP injections for hair loss varies drastically from one clinic to the next. Many people are not aware of the reasons why some clinics only charge a couple of hundred dollars while others


Researching Hair Loss Treatment

Researching Hair Loss Treatment You may be someone that has already seen hair loss treatment clinics in the past. Perhaps you were sold into a particular treatment and promised incredible results only to be disappointed. Or you are actually treating this website as a starting point in your journey for some answers in relation to


Are PRP Hair Loss Clinics the same?

Are PRP Hair Loss Clinics the same? It was only a few short years ago within the hair loss industry when almost no clinic was familiar with PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatment for hair loss. Clinics would typically offer either growth programs, cortisone scalp injections, hair transplantation surgery or non-surgical hair replacement (wigs) as treatment


Which Hair Loss Treatment is Best For Me?

Which Hair Loss Treatment Is Best For Me? When a person is losing hair it can be extremely distressing. Apart from the common feeling of losing self-confidence and beginning to look that bit older, they also have to deal with the added stress of deciding which hair loss treatment is best for them. The internet is


Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair

Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair Loss (PRP) – How many treatments do I need? Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment has been used in the treatment of hair loss since 2005. Dr Joe Greco, amongst others, pioneered the use of PRP in the treatment of hair loss conditions such as androgenetic alopecia (male and female pattern


PRP Hair Injections

PRP Hair Injections – The Issue of Quality Treatment   Are you getting the full benefits from your PRP Hair Injections?  There is a famous saying: “…The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten…” There are many hair loss clinics jumping on the band wagon to offer prp hair


PRP Hair Loss Treatment

PRP Hair Loss Treatment – Newin Institute, the Preferred Choice PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatment has been around in the medical world for more than 25 years. More recently, PRP hair loss treatment is now being performed before, during and after hair transplant surgery. In recent times it has become a very popular and effective


PRP Joint Injections

PRP Joint Injections for Orthopaedic Injury What are Platelets? Platelets are essential for tissue repair and renewal through vascular remodelling and collagenesis. The first phase of the body’s wound healing process following injury or trauma (controlled or uncontrolled) is inflammation.  During the inflammation cascade, platelets are attracted to the site of trauma and release Growth


Can sunscreen repair hair damage?

Repair hair damage caused by sun exposure Did you know that sun exposure can cause hair damage? Well, it’s true… so there’s definitely an indication for sunscreen in hair care products. While sunscreen can’t repair your hair damage, it can certainly prevent it. Dr Zoe Diana Draelos recently published an article in the Journal of


Hair Treatment: PRP Part 2

  What is Hair Loss?   Your Qualified Hair Restoration Surgeon/PRP Specialist should have assessed the cause of your hair loss during your initial consultation and referred you for further investigation (eg Blood Tests), if necessary. If there is no other medical underlying cause, you may be suffering from Male/Female Pattern Hair Loss. In this