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PRP Hair Restoration


PRP Hair Restoration, Stem Cells and Peptides

The Future of Cosmetic Regenerative Medicine…


PRP and ADSC Hair Restoration Therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma and Adult Stem Cell Therapy) are types  of Regenerative Medicine that harness the power of your own body’s Growth Factors, bioactive proteins and Stem Cells  to promote hair regeneration and regrow your hair – naturally.


Australia’s Centre of Excellence in PRP and Adult Stem Cell Therapy

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Based on the work of Dr Joseph Greco and Dr Joseph Purita, Dr Rhett Bosnich has teamed with Adistem – a world-leading Biomedical Research and Development company in Stem Cell and PRP Technology, and is now their International Training Consultant in PRP-Stem Cell Therapy.

Combining Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery with Integrated Regenerative Medicine, Dr Bosnich has refined and developed three superior types of photo-activated PRP-Stem Cell Therapy in Australia, specifically designed for Hair Regrowth and the treatment of Hair Loss in both Men and Women:

  • This next generation prp procedure is available now through Newin Institute

Dr Rhett Bosnich performs PRP and ADSC Hair Restoration Therapy in Melbourne, Sydney – call or ENQUIRE NOW for a No-Obligation medical consultation or a confidential discussion to find out if you are a suitable candidate.

Remember – not all PRP is equal…

Ensure you get the correct information about PRP Therapeutics. There are many applications and protocols, so your Physician needs to have a number of systems on hand and have a thorough understanding of the science behind this type of Regenerative Medicine.
While PRP and Autologous ADSC are safe treatments, not everyone is suitable – find out more information from our staff or fill out an online enquiry.