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Megasession Hair Transplant – 7582 grafts

Megasession Hair Transplant – 7582 Grafts transplanted!


There is a saying that where there is a will there is a way.

Recently a in interstate patient with an extensive amount of hair loss came into Newin Institute with a specific goal of achieving full coverage from a hair transplant front to back with minimal down time from work.


Why did our patient choose Megasession Hair Transplant Surgery with Newin Institute?

After seeking several opinions in Australia, the patient chose to have his surgery with Dr Rhett Bosnich and his highly skilled team at Newin Institute because they are currently the only team in Australia that have the prior experience and the ability to perform such large-sized combination surgery in minimal time.


hair transplantSuitability for Megasession Hair Transplant Surgery

It was clear from consultation that this patient desired and needed a significant number of grafts in the vicinity over 6000 to obtain exceptional results in covering his balding area.

However, on physical assessment by Dr Bosnich it was determined that achieving such a high number of grafts in one single FUSS (FUG Donor Strip) procedure was not possible for this patient. This is because Dr Bosnich had noted that the patient had limited donor flexibility and very average donor density.

Because the patient owned his own business and was not prepared to wait years to achieve the desired final outcome he asked Dr Bosnich what  his options were.


In order to obtain the required number of grafts, Dr Rhett Bosnich recommended doing a combination of:

  • FUSS (also called FUG Donor Strip Surgery),
  • FUE from the scalp and
  • BHT (body hair transplantation) from his chest and back

The procedures were performed over a series of days (as outlined below), so that the patient had minimal downtime and could return to work as soon as possible, without having to shut his business for repeat surgeries and the associated downtime with repeat procedures.

Through discipline and determination this male patient endured through 5 days in the specially designed surgical theatre room at the Newin Institute. He was able to move around, watch movies and listen to music during the procedure in the comfort of the theatre and the caring surgical staff.

A breakdown of how his grafts were obtained during megasession hair transplant surgery over a series of 5 days is:

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)                  – 3480 grafts       (2 days)

FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery)          – 2546 grafts       (1 day)

BHT (Body Hair from chest and back)      – 1556 grafts       (2 days)

TOTAL GRAFT COUNT =                                 7582!

We look forward to seeing how he transforms within these next 12-18 months.

If you are interested in large session surgery to minimise your downtime from working, contact us today to find out your suitability for mega-session hair transplant surgery and plan your uniquely tailored procedure with Dr Rhett Bosnich and his team!