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Hair Treatment: PRP Part 2


What is Hair Loss?


Your Qualified Hair Restoration Surgeon/PRP Specialist should have assessed the cause of your hair loss during your initial consultation and referred you for further investigation (eg Blood Tests), if necessary.

If there is no other medical underlying cause, you may be suffering from Male/Female Pattern Hair Loss.

In this case, existing hairs in the hair loss areas of the scalp have been affected by DHT, causing miniaturisation of the follicles and hairs.


Hair Treatment Options:


You should have a detailed discussion with your Hair Restoration Surgeon to determine the best management plan for you.

It will generally consist of one or a combination of the following hair treatment:


  • Platelet Rich Plasma (and/or Stem Cell) Injection works to naturally stimulate and improve the growth of the existing miniaturised hairs
    • This will require a repeat treatment at some future date, typically 12 months
    • It uses your own blood/stem cells, so there is no risk of allergy or rejection
  • Hair Transplant Surgery introduces permanently strong new hairs to the thinning area (from the back and sides of the scalp) which are naturally resistant to DHT and Follicular Miniaturisation, to improve hair density
  • Medication that attempts to block the formation of DHT and prevent Follicular Miniaturisation from occurring in the first place
    • Needs to be taken/applied regularly for beneficial effects to be seen
    • As with all medication (Prescription and Over-The-Counter) there is a risk of undesired side effects – a good reason you should be seeking hair loss advice from a doctor


Diagram of the Effects of Genuine Hair Treatment on Thinning Hair: