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Hair Transplants: Follicles vs Hairs

When researching or obtaining quotes for your Hair Transplant Surgery, it is important to understand the difference between “Follicles” and “Hairs”.


Hair Follicles are a cavity within the skin containing the root of anywhere between 1-4 hairs, and are associated with small muscles and sebaceous (oil) glands.

On average one follicle (or “Follicular Unit”) contains 2 hairs, however, the number of hairs within any one follicle varies across the individual’s scalp and and also between ethnic groups, eg Asian, African, Causcasian, etc.


A hair is a single keratinous threadlike strand or shaft, that grows from a follicle within the skin (epidermis) and consists of a root that originates from the bulb of the follicle.

Hair Transplant Quotes: Follicles vs Hairs

At Newin Institute you can be assured that when we quote the number of grafts to be transplanted, we are quoting single “Follicles” or “Follicular Units”, regardless of the number of hairs they contain.

For example, if we quote that we will transplant 3000 “Follicles”, you, the patient, are in reality guaranteed that a minimum of 6000 hairs will be transplanted (as the average follicle contains 2 hairs).

Why is it important to distinguish how transplant numbers are quoted?

Hair Transplant candidates should be clear about whether their quoted numbers are “hairs” or “follicles” because this makes it easier to compare quotes between Hair Transplant Surgeons, when seeking more than one opinion. Otherwise, you could be disappointed with your final result…

It should be noted that most Australian Hair Transplant Surgeons quote “follicles”, however, it is common overseas to be quoted “hairs”. For example, a quote for 5000 “hairs” will produce a result that is more like that of only 2500 “follicles”.

This means the onus is on you to do your research to ensure you end up with results you expect.

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