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Hair Transplant

Re-Creation of the Natural Hair Direction


Hairs emerge from the scalp at various different angles

The hair’s direction when it emerges from the skin, depends on the area of the scalp in which it is growing.

For example, in the temple region hair grows at a  very acute (sharp) angle, and is usually directed downwards and backwards towards the ear.

On the other hand, hair in the crown region often grows in a circular manner, called a ‘whorl’. Some people can naturally have several whorl patterns present on their scalp.

At Newin Institute, we look at the direction of your existing hair, so that we can ensure that the hair direction and angulation of your transplanted hair is appropriate for you.

We will implant the new hair follicles in direction and patttern that suits your scalp based on your existing hair.

Correct Angulation and Direction of Hair

Correct angulation and direction of hair ensures a natural and undetectable result from your Hair Transplant Surgery.

This, together with correct hair-line placement and maximal hair transplant density, ensures that Newin Institute achieves the thickest, fullest, natural head of hair in the fastest time.