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Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Density


Hair Transplant Density is dependent upon the area of the scalp to be transplanted

Hair Transplant DensityHair Transplant Density depends heavily on the number of follicles transplanted. It is also influenced by the characteristics of the donor hair, such as curl or wave; colour; hair shaft diameter etc.

During a hair transplant density is a critical factor in determining the quality of the final result.  Obtaining maximum follicle numbers and densely packing them into the recipient area is a key focus at Newin Institute.

Hair density varies between individuals and is affected by the area of the scalp, gender and race.

At Newin Institute, Dr Bosnich and his precision-skilled Surgical team are able to maximise your hair transplant density results by transplanting up to 6000+ grafts (>12,000 hairs) in a single session.

However, as the amount of available donor hair is finite, patients must:

  • accept and maintain realistic expectations

At Newin Institute we are not only focused on the absolute number we can transplant, but rather more on how densely we can transplant follicles into a given area to be treated.

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