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Hair Transplant

Frontal Hairline


Frontal hairline height and shape vary considerably between individuals

Frontal hairlines are influenced by an individual’s age, sex and race.

At Newin Institute, Dr Bosnich and his team recreate a natural looking frontal hairline for men and women by careful consideration of these influences, tailoring the hairline to the individual.

It is important to note that in the absence of male and female pattern hair loss, naturally occurring hairlines:

  • Are not perfectly symmetrical
  • Have an initial transition zone at the front (with lower density)
  • Are not straight and have minor irregularities
  • Can change and recede slightly with age (especially in Caucasians).
During your Hair Transplant Surgery at Newin Institute, when we create your frontal hairline we make sure that we:

Listen to your requests
However we must guide and direct you appropriately. We will not proceed to surgery without a clear plan that has been mutually agreed upon.

Do not place your hairline too low
A low hairline looks un-natural as you age and limits the density obtainable; it also impacts on the surgical process if you require further hair transplantation.

Uniquely tailor your hairline to the shape of your head
We aim to make it appropriate for your age, race and sex.

All the above issues must be discussed with your Hair Transplant Surgeon prior to Hair Transplant Surgery.