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Hair Transplant

Natural Results


Undetectable, precision surgery means natural results

The best Hair Transplant Surgery is one that is undetectable and looks natural.

Dr Bosnich’s extensive experience has shown that 3 main factors lead to natural-looking results after surgery:

At Newin Institute (Melbourne | Sydney), when we recreate your hairline we listen to your requests.

We will guide and direct you appropriately based on our years of Hair Transplant Surgery experience to ensure a natural result.
Dr Bosnich and his precision-skilled Hair Transplant Team will uniquely tailor your hairline to the shape of your head based on age, gender and race.
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Frontal Hairline

At Newin Institute, careful consideration is taken into account by Dr Bosnich and his professional team ensuring a natural looking hairline.

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Hair Transplant Density

Newin Institute is dedicated to providing the best results from a single hair transplant surgery to achieve optimal hair density, so you need as few future hair transplant surgeries as possible – if any.

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