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Mega-Session HT


Larger Hair Transplants mean you can enjoy a thicker, fuller head of hair…FASTER!

Patients with advanced hair loss usually want to have the maximum number of hair follicles transplanted with as few Hair Transplants as possible to achieve their desired hair thickness.

At Newin Institute we classify large hair transplants requiring 3500 or more Follicular Unit Grafts as a Mega-Session.

This means you can permanently have the thickest, fullest hair possible with fewer hair transplants because no-one wants to have multiple Hair Transplants if they don’t have to.

>> Read our patient case study of 7582 grafts using combined FUG, FUE and BHT (Body Hair Transplant) techniques.

Why have bigger Hair Transplant Surgery?

Dr Rhett Bosnich was the first to introduce Mega-Session Hair Transplants to Australia. Benefits include:

  • More natural-looking, thicker hair density results than with smaller hair transplants
  • Less chance of multiple hair transplants needed in the future to achieve your desired result
  • Saves money and time off work

Mega-Session Hair Transplants are safe and produce exceptional hair density results, but must be performed by an experienced Hair Transplant Surgeon with a large team of well-trained and highly-experienced Technicians.

A Delicate Fine Art

It takes years of experience, a skilled, steady hand, an artistic eye and many surgeries to attain the necessary expertise to perform Mega-Session Hair Transplants.

Dr Bosnich is the only Hair Transplant Surgeon in Sydney Australia to consistently transplant >3500-6000+ hair follicles in one session.

To our knowledge, no other clinic or doctor in Australia can currently do this size or combination of Mega-session Hair Transplants.

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