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Eyebrow Transplant Surgery | Melbourne | Sydney | Australia

eyebrow transplantEyebrows can be absent or partially lost as a result of a number of reasons, including:

  • Genetics
  • Overplucking
  • Trauma (eg scarring)
  • Medical conditions; and
  • Other dermatologic causes, such as Alopecia Areata

It is not commonly known that Hair Transplant Surgery offers a successful and permanent solution to thickening or replacing eyebrows for cosmetic enhancement.  It costs less than you think. However, the surgery is very delicate and so the result is highly dependent on the skills and artistry of the Hair Transplant Surgeon.

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What Hair Transplant Method is used to replace and enhance eyebrow hair?

The FUE method is the ideal technique for re-creating eyebrows.

Fine hairs in the nape area of your scalp are individually assessed by the surgeon and carefully selected to match the hair characteristics of the hairs in your brow area for transplantation.

These hairs are then individually extracted, one-by-one and then placed and angled to create the perfect eyebrow shape for your face.

FUE versus Follicular Unit Grafting (FUG) Donor Strip Method for eyebrows:

eyebrow transplant resultsUsing the FUE extraction method provides the surgeon much greater numbers of hair follicles across the nape of your scalp to select the perfect hairs to suit your eyebrow area.

FUG Donor Strip extraction method is also available at Newin Institute for eyebrow transplants and is highly successful. We have had many patients undergo eyebrow transplants with the FUG strip method, though ideally patients need to be aware that:

  • the hair may require more maintenance and grooming than via the FUE method; and 
  • the incision may leave a very fine, up to 3-4cm small scar, but is barely visible, especially when covered by hair

How do I know what shape will suit my face?

The shape of your eyebrows is mutually decided between you and the surgeon before the surgery.  You will be asked to draw on your desired shape with eyeliner pencil and guided by Dr Bosnich’s numerous years of experience in Cosmetic Surgery. If you are unsure of what shape you would like the surgeon can provide a selection of templates that you may choose from.

Factors that will determine your choice of eyebrow shape include:

  • Face shape
  • Eye shape
  • Distinguishing facial features
  • Shape and direction of existing hairs
  • Existing tattoo shape if you have tattooed brows

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How well does the transplant hair grow in the eyebrow area?

Experienced surgeons such as Dr Rhett Bosnich have shown that best results are achieved using hairs that are carefully and individually selected to match your existing eyebrow hair’s length and characteristics. This requires experience, patience and an exceptional eye for selection.

Body hair (such as from the arms) has proven to be innappropriate for transplantation to eyebrows as body hair grows at different rates and can result in patchy eyebrows.

Do my new eyebrow hairs require much maintenance?

Even well-selected hair does require a minimal amount of grooming (cutting) of the hairs once transplanted over the following year. However, these follicles gradually take on the characteristics of the hair in the recipient (eyebrow) area over time, potentially requiring less maintenance than when first transplanted.

Overall, however, if hairs are well-selected, the maintenance of eyebrows is no more inconvenient than in the average person’s grooming routine.

***At Newin Institute, Dr Rhett Bosnich uses the FUE and the FUG technique to transplant eyebrows, and has a particular interest in eyebrow hair loss due to medical causes, such as traumatic/surgical scars or alopecia.

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