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Hair Transplant

Combined FUG-FUE


Signature Hair Transplant Surgery…By Dr Rhett Bosnich

Combined FUG-FUEDr Rhett Bosnich was the first Hair Transplant Surgeon in Australia to combine two key techniques in the one Hair Transplant Surgery:

  • FUG and FUE

This combined FUG-FUE technique allows us to ensure we obtain the number of grafts we quote you for your Hair Transplant Surgery, particularly during large Mega-Session surgeries (of >3000 follicular grafts) that other clinics simply can’t guarantee.

Today, Dr Bosnich is the first in Australasia to combine FUG and FUE with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and/or Stem Cell Therapy plus Photo-Therapy for truly world-class surgical results.

We call this our Bio-Cellular Enhanced Hair Transplantation Surgery and it is the new Gold Standard in Hair Surgery to obtain optimal results, in minimal time.  Wound healing is enhanced, recovery time is improved, Graft survival rates are maximised and non-transplanted hair may be stimulated to grow. This can work synergistically with any medication you are prescribed (if any), or as an alternative to medication.

PRP and/or Stem Cell treatments may be performed in preparation for your surgery as well as after surgery if desired to obtain the cumulative benefits of regenerative treatment.

Our Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Restoration treatment was developed by Dr Rhett Bosnich in conjunction with Adistem Pty Ltd – a world-leading International Biomedical Research and Development company in Stem Cell and PRP Technology.


Dr Rhett Bosnich can utilise both surgical techniques to ensure we obtain the number of grafts we quote you as a minimum. Read on to learn more about the individual techniques involved in combined Hair Transplantation:

What is FUG Hair Transplant Surgery?

What is FUE Hair Transplant Surgery?

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