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Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Types


A Thicker, Fuller, Natural Head of Hair…Faster!

Hair Transplant Types

The best type of Hair Transplant is one that is tailored specifically for you and your individual needs.

Dr Rhett Bosnich has years of experience in performing all Hair Transplant types and sizes, including FUE and FUG.  He is Australia’s leading specialist in large, single Hair Transplant Surgeries of >3500-6000+ follicles (7000-12,000 hairs).

Whether your surgery is small or large, FUE or FUG or combined FUG-FUE, Dr Bosnich and Australia’s most experienced Hair Transplant Team personally strive to get you thicker, denser hair with minimal surgery time.

Our ultimate goal is…

Maximum Grafts, Maximum Growth For A Natural Appearance

Your Gold Standard Hair Transplant Surgery could include any or a combination of:

  • FUG (Follicular Unit Grafting – A strip of skin is taken from the back of your head and these hairs are individually transplanted into areas where your hair is thinning)
  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction – Hairs are taken one-by-one from thicker areas on your head and transplanted to thinning areas, without removing a strip of skin)
  • PRP Hair Restoration Therapy harnessing your own body’s stem cells to stimulate hair growth, and encourage better healing pre-, intra-, and post- surgical intervention
  • Adult Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Therapy intra-operatively to improve graft survival, faster recovery and boost growth rates
  • Photo-Therapy (Light) to reduce inflammation and promote better tissue healing – what about Lasers/LED for Hair Regrowth?

Which is the best Hair Transplant type?

Dr Rhett Bosnich, consulting in Melbourne | Sydney, Australia, will discuss ALL your medical and surgical treatment options AND provide a detailed recommendation about how he can uniquely tailor the best Hair Loss Management Plan and/or Hair Transplant Surgery for you.

>> What to expect in a Hair Loss Consultation with the Hair Restoration Surgeon

Why combine Hair Transplant types?

Firstly, combining techniques allows us to offer a more competitive price for your Hair Transplant Surgery than FUE alone and allows us to ensure you get the number of grafts we quote you.

Additionally, for very large surgeries there are two main things to consider when choosing your hair transplant type:

  • Scalp Tightness: If you have a tight scalp there can be more tensile force exerted on your excision, so combine FUG/FUE allows you to have a small section of scalp removed by FUG, and the difference in grafts made up by FUE extraction
  • Hair Style: Extra large FUE procedures can be performed in 1 or 2 consecutive days, and require less recovery time than FUG, but more hair to be shaved on the day of surgery to select the grafts (short back and sides).

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