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Hair Restoration Surgeon - SkypeConsult with a Hair Restoration Surgeon anywhere in the world…

Dr Rhett Bosnich is a ABHRS qualified Hair Restoration Surgeon.  He has consulted and treated patients from across the globe, as far away as France and the UK. Many of his international patients come from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, New Zealand and even from Tahiti.

For your convenience, we offer Skype Hair Loss consultations to our International and remote Australian patients.

Online Consultation Form

The first step, prior to booking your Hair Loss Consultation via Skype/phone, is to fill out an Online Consultation Form. (Due to the size of the form, it may take few moments to load onto your screen).

Photographs of your Hair Loss

Next, you must upload some photos of your hair loss for review by the Hair Restoration Surgeon, so they can assess your hair loss prior to your appointment. The photos will be securely and confidentially sent directly to the Hair Restoration Surgeon via our Online Form system. Instructions For Taking Photographs

During Your Skype Hair Loss Consultation with the Hair Restoration Surgeon

Your Hair Loss History

First, the doctor will discuss your answers to questions about the history of your hair loss, for example:

  • When did your hair loss begin?
  • Has your hair loss worsened over time and how quickly?
  • Have you had any previous hair loss treatment?
  • Have you tried any hair loss medications?
  • What are your concerns and expectations for improving your hair loss?
Examination of photos of your areas of Hair Loss and Donor Hair

The Hair Restoration Surgeon will look at your photos to determine:

  • The extent of hair loss, to rate your hair loss (ie, Norwood Type/Ludwig Type)
  • The density of the hair in the donor area to determine the availability of follicles for transplantation
Final Assessment and Recommendation

The staff at Newin Institute will contact you to book in a Skype consultation with you and the Hair Restoration Surgeon. At this appointment, the doctor will then discuss all of your hair restoration treatment options to address your hair loss and concerns, including expected outcomes. These could be surgical or non-surgical solutions, or a combination.

A No-Obligation Quote will be provided to you in writing for any Hair Transplant or PRP Hair Restoration procedure, if you are suitable for treatment.

Hair Transplant Surgery quotes will include:

  • the number of grafts required to get the outcome you desire; and
  • the cost of the surgery (which is based on this number of grafts)