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Hair Transplant Costs Melbourne and Sydney


Hair Transplant Cost or The price of Hair Transplant Surgery between the best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Melbourne, Sydney, Australia is reasonably similar, including here at the Newin Institute.

That’s why it’s most important choose the best hair surgeon for you and your needs.

Dr Rhett Bosnich is one of the only surgeons who regularly performs both surgical Hair Transplant Costs at Melbourne and Sydneytechniques, FUE or FUG (FUT). He introduced and further developed the concept Bio-Enhanced Hair Transplantation to Australia in 2012 which involves peri-operative Adipose-Derived Stem Cell (Stromal Vasular Fraction) Therapy to produce better results.

The benefit of a consultation with Dr Bosnich is that his uniquely advanced knowledge, skills and expertise increase your options when choosing to have hair loss surgery.

When you are given a quote for the number of grafts recommended to achieve the density or result you desire, you will be provided a price for FUE and FUG.

FUE is more labour intensive and can be more expensive, but is the optimal choice if you prefer not to have strip excision (FUG).  Adipose-Derived Stem Cell and PRP Treatment during your operation enhances your results and speeds up your recovery.

The cost of Hair Transplantation from most expensive to least expensive is: