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Hair Transplant

Hair Loss Assessment


Hair Loss Assessment

Consult directly with the Hair Restoration Surgeon

Whether your Hair Transplant appointment is in person (in Melbourne or Sydney) or by phone/Skype, you will always be greeted by the friendly and caring staff of Newin Institute.

If arriving in person, you will meet with the doctor in a private consulting room for a confidential discussion about your Hair Loss concerns.

Your Hair Loss History

First, the doctor will ask you questions about the history of your hair loss, for example:

  • When did your hair loss begin?
  • Has your hair loss worsened over time and how quickly?
  • Have you had any previous hair loss treatment?
  • Have you tried any hair loss medications?
  • What are your concerns and expectations for improving your hair loss?

Physical Examination of your area of Hair Loss

Next, the doctor will physically look at and examine the area of your hair loss to determine the cause of your hair loss. They will:
  • Look for inflammation, scarring, or pre-existing skin conditions
  • Look at the characteristics of your type of hair, eg hair shaft thickness, hair colour, curl, etc
  • Look at the extent of hair loss, to rate your hair loss (ie, Norwood Type/Ludwig Type)

Physical Examination of your area of Donor Hair

The doctor will then physically look at the any areas for harvesting donor hair, usually the back of the scalp. They will:
  • Look at the characteristics of hair in the donor area (in Male Pattern Hair Loss, hair in the back of the scalp is usually different to hair in the areas of thinning and hair loss)
  • Look at the density of the hair in the donor area to determine the availability of follicles for transplantation

Hair Loss - medical testsFinal Assessment and Recommendation

Finally, the doctor may organise further tests or investigations (if necessary), eg blood tests, biopsies, etc. This will be the case if the doctor to support or eliminate other factors.

If the doctor suspects a cause other than male or female pattern baldness or a pre-existing medical condition that could be contributing to your hair loss, then knowing these factors will assist in developing a successful treatment plan.

Note that if tests are required, you will need to attend another appointment at a later date to receive your results and medical recommendation.

The doctor will then discuss all of your hair restoration treatment options to address your hair loss and concerns, including expected outcomes. These could be surgical or non-surgical solutions, or a combination.

A No-Obligation Quote will be provided to you in writing for any Hair Transplant or PRP Hair Restoration procedure, if you are suitable for treatment.

All Hair Transplant Surgery quotes will include:

  • the number of grafts required to get the outcome you desire; and
  • the price of the surgery (which is based on this number of grafts)


Alternatively, if you are from overseas or live in a remote part of Australia, you may wish to arrange a skype consult with the Hair Restoration Surgeon.