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Eyebrow Transplant Costs | Melbourne

eyebrow transplant costLadies AND gentleman…thicker, fuller eyebrows are IN.

Gorgeous celebrities with fuller eyebrows such as Brooke Shields and Kim Kardashian are envied.

Fuller eyebrows are timeless, they shape and balance your face, finish off your look without having to “pencil them in” and bring out your eyes.


If you’ve overplucked your eyebrows, you may find that the hair eventually won’t grow back. Or maybe you were born with thin eyebrows or they’ve simply thinned with age.

Dr Rhett Bosnich, one of the Hair Transplant Surgeon in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia has been treating both men and women with these problems with eyebrow transplants for a number of years. Dr Bosnich uses head hair from the scalp (with the FUG method) or nape hair (with the FUE method) to transplant new hair follicles to the eyebrow area.

Dr Bosnich has worked with Dr Jonathan Chan and Dr Sara Wasserbauer of Walnut Creek in San Francisco – Hollywood surgeon to the stars.

Eyebrow transplantation is intricate, artistically demanding work on the part of the Hair Transplant Surgeon. Each hair is transplanted individually, and the entire procedure lasts about 2½ hours.

Dr Bosnich’s latest male patient stated people noticed the enhancement within days, giving him positive feedback. But they couldn’t pick he’d had and eyebrow transplant. He stated the best part of having the procedure was that the minimal downtime meant he was able to go back to work within a couple of days.

Eyebrow Transplant’s are not expensive. Depending on the number of grafts you require and the method of surgery your choose (FUE vs FUG) they cost from as little as $2,500 for filling in, but can be bit more if you have virtually no eyebrows.

Call us today for a confidential assessment of how little could cost you for fuller eyebrows that shape your face for a lifetime.