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Hair Loss Medication And Treatment – General Info

There are only a few medications that are known to be effective in slowing down or stopping hair loss.

Hair Loss drugs should always be taken under medical supervision by a qualified doctor.hair loss treatment and medication

Patients who undergo Hair Transplant Surgery should use (or strongly consider using) hair loss medication:

  • to prevent further loss of hair, and
  • to reduce the need for further Hair Transplant Surgery in the future

At Newin Institute we strongly encourage the use of appropriate medical Hair Loss Treatments to prevent Hair Loss.

It is important that you understand that Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss is an unpredictable and progressive medical condition. It is not currently possible to predict the extent and rate of Hair Loss in any individual. Therefore, ongoing medication and careful monitoring is necessary in patients.

Patients must understand that upon ceasing any effective medical treatment prescribed, Hair Loss is likely to continue as it previously did prior to the commencement of medication. This will occur within several months after ceasing Haie Loss Treatment.


For providing greater stimulation of hair growth, 5% minoxidil is demonstrated as the best hair loss medication involved in any hair transplantation procedure.

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Use finasteride, an effective treatment for baldness, recommended only for male patients. It is beneficial if hair loss is caught and treated at early stage.

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Dutasteride, an oral medicine, is an artificial drug, effective for treatment of male pattern baldness. It results in a reduction of DHT production by 90-95%.

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Visit Newin Institute for checking out pros and cons, effects and side effects related to Spironolactone medicine, the proven alternative for hair loss in women.

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Cyproterone Acetate

Find out the effective medicine, cyproterone, for treating the hair baldness in women. Learn more about this hair loss medication by visiting Newin Institute.

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