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Hair Restoration – Non-Surgical

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration treatments can be used alone and in conjuction with Hair Transplant Surgery to help regrow hair that has been affected by Follicular Miniaturisation. It could involve the use of:

Dr Rhett Bosnich has been working closely with a world-leading Biomedical Stem Cell Research and Development company – Adistem Pty Ltd.

He has pioneered and developed our unique Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Restoration program to promote hair regeneration via the body’s own Stem Cells and Growth Factors.

Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments are proving to have a strong place in the future of medicine and Hair Restoration, alongside medication and Hair Transplantation. It may be a viable alternative for you if medication is causing you side effects.

Why combine your Hair Transplant Surgery with PRP Hair Restoration and/or Medication?

Existing hairs in the hair loss areas of the scalp have been affected by DHT, causing miniaturisation of the follicles and hairs. 

  • Platelet Rich Plasma works to naturally stimulate and improve the growth of the existing miniaturised hairs. International Hair Transplant surgeons are now combing Adipose-Derived Stem Cell/PRP with Hair Transplant Surgery to enhance results and wound healing time in donor strip surgery.
  • Hair Transplant Surgery introduces permanently strong new hairs to the thin area (from the back and sides of the scalp) that are naturally resistant to DHT and Follicular Miniaturisation, thereby improving hair density
  • Medication attempts to block the formation of DHT and prevent Follicular Miniaturisation from occurring in the first place
To find out more about combining this innovative PRP Hair Regrowth procedure with Hair Transplant Surgery, call us now for a No Obligation Consultation on 1300 360 764 to find out if you are a suitable candidate for non-surgical Hair Restoration