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FUG Hair Transplantation – Crown Region Only

Paul suffers from Male Pattern Hair Loss (Norwood Type IIIv).

He was only concerned with hair loss in his crown region.

He underwent FUG Hair Transplantation at Newin Institute by Dr Rhett Bosnich in September 2012 with 1809 grafts transplanted to his crown region.

Paul is extremely happy – his donor scar is so fine it is virtually undetectable by the naked eye.

Also notice how the follicles were angulated so that Paul’s natural ‘whorl’ in the crown is maintained, contributing to exceptionally natural results.

Read Dr Bosnich’s Blog to understand why Paul had such an outstanding outcome…

Dr’s Blog

Before Hair Transplantation and 6 months after surgery:




Hair Loss Surgery

The Increasing Popularity of Hair Loss Surgery Hair loss surgery is now more popular than ever and its popularity keeps increasing each year. The ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) Practice Consensus of 2015 reported that 397,098 hair loss surgeries were performed worldwide during the year 2014. This figure is a 76% increase since the