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Hair Transplant

Ms J


Frontal Hair line Lowering to Cover Surgical Scar – Female


Ms J presented with an undesirable post-surgical brow lift scar. White, shiny and stretched, Ms J felt uncomfortable about the look of the scar and always wore a bandana to cover it.

Following FUG surgery by Dr Rhett Bosnich and his team, 1111 follicular grafts were successfully transplanted to recreate a new hairline and cover the scar.

The results after 6 months were fabulous, and she no longer wore her bandana in public.

The before and after shots show her at 12 months with great results and a reshaped hairline that really showed off her brow lift and facial features.  She’s now looking more gorgeous than ever!

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Frontal Hairline Lowering

Frontal Hairline Lowering

Frontal Hairline Lowering