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Hair Transplant

Mr E


Mr E – 901 grafts by FUE surgery

Fortunately Mr E is not actually suffering from Male Pattern Hair Loss.  This means his hair loss is stable, provided he eliminates the factors causing the problem.

His hair loss was actually a result of friction and trauma from spinning on his head during dancing in his teens.  He no longer performs this Urban style of dancing so there is no risk of a repeat occurrence of his type of hair loss and he was deemed appropriate for Hair Transplant Surgery.

Mr E went forward with a small FUE Hair Transplant procedure with Dr Rhett Bosnich and his team.

At 9 months he is now ecstatic about the results and tells us that it has really improved his confidence.

The following photos are of his results at the 9 month mark and we look forward to seeing his outcome at 12 and 18 months.

Mr E - 901 grafts by FUE