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Hair Transplant

Mr D


Mr D – 3551 grafts by FUG Hair Transplant Surgery

Mr D was a Norwood Classification 3a with some mild thinning in the crown as well.

He originally contacted us by our online consultation form and sent us photos of his hair loss.

He sought Hair Transplant Surgery by Dr Rhett Bosnich to improve his density only in the mid-scalp and frontal area and also to re-create his hairline.

No follicles were transplanted to his crown region as requested by Mr N. He preferred to have maximal density in the front for a more natural result due to the mildness of his crown thinning.

A grand total of 3551 grafts were transplanted in one single session.

Mr D is extremely happy – he has no discernible linear scar to the naked eye and his photos at 6 months post-procedure (below) look fantastic.

He has since been back for a review at 18 months post-surgery and his results are looking even better – a fabulous outcome.

Click on Mr D’s Hair Transplant photos to enlarge:

Initial Photos sent by Online Enquiry

Hair Tansplant Photo Norwood 3a MrDhair2

Hair Transplant Photo Before and 6 Months After Transplantation of 3551 follicular grafts by FUG Surgery

hiar transplant photo - 3551 grafts

Hair Transplant Photo Before and 14 Months After Transplantation

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