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Hair Transplant Surgerhas undergone extensive refinement of techniques over recent years, producing faster, more natural results for Hair Loss than ever before.


Outcomes and finding presented at the most recent ISHRS conference attest that this type of surgery is becoming new gold standard in Hair Transplant Surgery around the world. Incorporating Regenerative Medicine from Activated PRP, Autologous Adipose Stem Cell and Peptide Medicine, you will be excited to know that Dr Bosnich has been one of the first in Australia to pioneer these surgical and medical innovations within hair transplantation over the years.

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Crown Hair Transplant

Dr Rhett Bosnich, is an International Hair Restoration Surgeon and has lead the field in developing and refining hair transplantation techniques for his clinic – Newin Institute.

A prestigious Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery – the world’s only formal training program in Hair Transplant Surgery (Dip ABHRS). So rest assured that you will be able to discuss all of your treatment options available in great detail, including medication and non-surgical intervention.

As a full-time Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr Rhett Bosnich is Australia’s only Hair Transplant Surgeon who regularly performs both follicular harvesting techniques of FUG (strip) and FUE to produce outstanding and natural results.

Every day, at Newin Institute, Dr Bosnich and his senior hair transplant team perform from small to very large- sized surgeries for a variety of hair loss issues. these include male and female pattern hair loss, eyebrow restoration, scar revisions, frontal hair line lowering and corrective surgery for individuals who have had previous surgery by old methods.

Hair transplant surgery involves harvesting and re-implantation of individual hair follicle grafts. At Newin we can transplant up to 6000+ follicles in one surgery.

Transplantation of large numbers of follicular hair grafts allows the surgeon to maximize your hair density to produce modern natural, undetectable results to help you achieve the thickest, fullest head of hair FASTER!

Dr Rhett Bosnich and his advanced team of senior hair transplant technicians have worked together for at least 10 years, assuring you of expertise, care and precision. So, you can feel confident that you are always being provided with quality genuine advice, from your first encounter to your chosen procedure and beyond,  including follow-up reviews up to 18 months after your hair transplant surgery.

Call us or enquire online for more information about your suitability for one of our Hair Transplantation procedures, including:

Male or Female Pattern Hair Loss

If your hair loss is stable and we have excluded other causes of your hair loss, you may be suitable for FUG, FUE or a combination of both methods of hair transplant surgery.  Contact us today to find out.

Body Hair Transplantation

Have you exhausted all donor hair at the back of your scalp. If you have sufficient and suitable hair on your arms, legs, chest or back then body hair FUE may provide you with that little extra to create underlying volume in the mid-scalp or crown region of your hair loss.

Hairline Lowering Surgery

Male or female, you may not necessarily have have hair loss. Perhaps you were born with an unnaturally high or undesirable shape of hairline? Perhaps you have a traumatic scar near your hairline that you would like to disguise. We can re-create a new hairline for you, to shape your face and enhance your facial features.

This type of surgery is also successful for males considering gender transition to feminise the hairline and enhance the face.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Equally popular between men and women, we frequently perform eyebrow transplantation. Do you have naturally thin eyebrow hair or have you over-plucked? Perhaps you have a scarred area through your brow that needs covering up? Consider eyebrow hair transplant surgery to re-create new brows that enhance your eyes and face shape.

How do I organise a Hair Transplant Surgery?

The first step is to gain some information from the team at Newin Institute. Our highly educated reception staff are either hair transplant technicians or hair transplant recipients themselves, making them ideal first contacts for any informal questions you may have.

From there you may decide to consult with Dr Bosnich for face-to-face assessment, or via skype if you are unable to attend in either Melbourne or Sydney. At your consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your questions in more detail and obtain a comprehensive personalised recommendation and quote for your particular hair transplant surgery.

The information you receive from the doctor at your consultation can be quite detailed. So, if you have any remaining questions afterward, the staff are happy to assist you. Upon receiving the quote you may elect to book in immediately or, perhaps, at a later date and that is fine. However, if you have a particular date in mind, we do suggest you mention that to us so we can coordinate your surgery with your preferred dates and time off work, if required.

If you require assistance with finance for your hair transplant surgery, please feel free to discuss that with our helpful staff also.


 “I appreciated the whole experience.  The care taken…Every level of detail was covered.  I am really happy with my new hairline – it is exactly what I wanted and it is now starting to grow in. I cannot thank or recommend Dr Bosnich highly enough!”  Gary, QLD (August 2012)

“At 11 months now I am so pleased with the results I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner!  It took me nearly two years of “thinking” about it–if you are thinking about this surgery, DO IT. Once again Dr Rhett thanks for the fantastic results!!”  Steve, NSW 

“Dr Bosnich completed my hair transplant procedure and I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience: 10/10.  The procedure itself went extremely well and exceeded my expectations. Dr Bosnich and the technical team were great!  The aftercare was also impeccable and I was delighted with the results after 18 months. Over the next two years Dr Bosnich has kept in contact with regular appointments to continue to assess my progress, my medications, etc.” Tim, NSW

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