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Hair Transplant Sydney

Hair Transplant Sydney

Hair Transplant SydneyWithin the last 5 years Sydney has become the hair loss clinic capital of Australia. The majority of all hair loss/hair transplant enquiries that Newin Institute receive each day are from Sydney. This is not surprising considering that Sydney is Australia’s most populated city.

However with so many clinics to choose from it is imperative for the client to understand that the ultimate goal with regards to hair transplantation surgery is to achieve the best possible result.

Many of our hair transplant Sydney enquirers often ask only about our cost. What do we charge for “x” number of grafts? This is quite interesting as the client forgets that they are not purchasing a television or a new car. Choosing your surgery based on the price per graft is not a good method to make such a serious decision.

When they realize that obtaining the best possible result is their number 1 priority, they begin to look at the bigger picture. They then take into consideration not just the hair transplant cost but other more important factors such as:

  1. The Surgeon – Their level of experience in hair transplantation surgery as well as their qualifications. Patients will always prefer a fully qualified and very experienced surgeon over one that is not.
  2. The Surgical Technicians – The level of experience of the team that assist the surgeon during a hair transplant has a major impact on the overall success of the surgery. Experienced technicians dissect grafts quicker and more efficiently which means dissection damage occurs to a very small percentage of the total grafts and they implant the grafts faster. This results in higher growth, more hairs planted, better results and more satisfied patients.
  3. Size of the Needles and Medical Instruments Used – The holes planted into the balding scalp whilst implanting the graft can be done with thicker 19 gauge needles or finer 20 gauge ones or superfine 21 or 22 gauge. The finer the needle hole, the higher the transplantation density, the better and more natural result that is achieved. The more experienced the technicians the more comfortable they are using finer needles. The surgeon’s FUE experience also determines whether a 0.8mm FUE punch is used for a bulk of the extractions or a 1.2mm FUE punch. Obviously the finer the punch the less noticeable the donor scarring.
  4. Type of Surgery Offered – FUSS, FUE or both? A clinic that offers both will be unbiased and will recommend what is best for the client rather than what is best for them (financially).
  5. Overall Results – These are the before and after photos presented on the clinic’s website as well as those that are demonstrated during the consultation process
  6. The Overall Feel and Look of the Clinic – Does the clinic and the overall service received come across as professional with no pressure? Does the clinic, its facilities and equipment look and feel fresh, clean and updated? Are the premises an actual medical clinic or simply a rented room behind an existing beauty salon?

You can appreciate that when the above things are factored in suddenly the price of a surgery becomes less important. We often ask our hair transplant Sydney clients who are simply price shopping some of the above questions. It is funny that these are things that they never would have thought of prior to speaking with us.

The process at Newin Institute is to have the Sydney hair loss client meet with the actual surgeon for a face to face consultation at our Pyrmont medical rooms. The Doctor consults in Sydney on Saturdays and the consultation typically lasts for 45 minutes. During the consultation the Doctor asks many questions to gain a complete understanding of the client’s situation and of what their ultimate goals are. What ends up being recommended by the Doctor whether it is hair loss medication, PRP injections or a hair transplant, is summarized in an assessment letter which is emailed out within 48 hours. This letter also contains an exact price for the recommended treatment and is valid for 6 full months.

Hair Transplant Sydney – Patient Feedback

One of our Sydney patient’s by the name of Steve wrote Dr Rhett Bosnich the following:

“At 11 months now I am so pleased with the results I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner!  It took me nearly two years of “thinking” about it–if you are thinking about this surgery, DO IT.  I just spent the last week overseas and I would have worried about going with less hair, but now thanks to my new HAIR, I felt great and look good too.  Thank you to everyone! Once again Dr Bosnich, thanks for the fantastic results…!!!!”

If you would like a face to face consultation with our surgeon in Sydney or Melbourne, please call Newin Institute head office on 03 9693 9200.