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Hair Transplant of Melbourne Patient – Paul

We have just uploaded the latest photos of one our Hair Transplant patients from Melbourne.

small_Paul.beforeand6MonthsafterPaul’s photos are a strong testament to the modern techniques we use at Newin Institute and the quality control procedures we have implemented

  • preoperatively,
  • in-theatre and
  • post-operatively

which aim to ensure the best results for our patients.

Paul’s photos and results demonstrate:

A barely detectable scar

Paul had a Follicular Unit Grafting Hair Transplant, where the donor hair is removed from a strip of skin removed from the back of the scalp.

At 6 months, Paul’s Hair Transplant scar is virtually undectable (approximately 1mm) and requires very close scrutiny to see it.  It is still a bit red as it is in the early phase of wound healing, but this will continue to improve and the redness will fade over the coming months.

A natural crown ‘whorl’

The care taken by Dr Bosnich and our surgical team is clearly evident. Patience and artistic skills have been given to the placement of each individual hair follicle graft, one-by-one, to ensure correct angulation during implantation.

By assessing the natural hair growth pattern of Paul’s existing hair in the crown, Dr Bosnich and his team have been able to replicate the direction of growth of the existing hair, leading to replacement of Paul’s natural hair whorl.

Dr Rhett Bosnich offers Hair Transplant Consultations in Melbourne and Sydney.

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