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Hair Transplant Correction Enquiry: Correction of my overseas Hair Transplant Surgery

We sometimes receive enquiries from people who had a hair transplant overseas.

In these cases they are typically unsatisfied with the result and the post-operative follow up by overseas clinic.

Here is a typical enquiry about Hair Transplant Correction…

“Hi there.

My name is Peter. I am not sure if you would be able to help me.

I had a hair transplant overseas just over 2 years ago and have never been satisfied with the final result.

To give you a brief run down, I am 32 years of age and was classified as a Norwood IV before having the hair transplantation surgery. I am slightly ahead than “the moderate” stage of hair loss.  I have never used hair loss medication and I don’t believe that the 1000 grafts I received from the FUE procedure overseas that were spread over the whole top grew well. I was informed I will look amazing and it has left me with a very thin density. It also appears I have lost a portion of the hairs over the last 12 months.

My question is whether I should come in for an appointment to look into having another surgery or am I just wasting my time?

Newin Institute Reply:

Thank you for your Hair Transplant Correction enquiry Peter.

We are sorry to hear that your hair transplant surgery from overseas did not produce the outcome that you were after. Based on the information you provided we would like to raise a few important points:

Hair Transplant Correction DensityFirst, is that you classified yourself as a Norwood IV. A person with this level of hair loss on average has around 125cm2 of surface area to treat with most of the thinning being within the front half and a lesser amount within the crown. When transplanting thin areas, a density of 30-35 follicular units per square cm produces a very good result. We need to remember that the average person has a donor density of 70 follicular units per cm. This means that a density of around 32g/cm2 (about half way between the range of 30 to 35) is about 45% as thick as the donor.

Hair transplant surgeons know that a Norwood IV patient will require around 4000 grafts in order to be happy. If this graft number is transplanted within a surface area of 125cm2, it produces an average density of 32 follicular unit grafts per cm2. The number one problem is that you did not obtain enough grafts. In your case you received 1000 grafts and you mention it was spread over the whole thinning region. The maths says that 1000 grafts divided by 125cm2 of area means a density of only 8 grafts per cm. This is only 11% as thick as your donor density of 70 per cm. It does not matter how great the surgeon is because if not enough grafts are put in it will never produce the result you may be hoping for.

The second concern is that the clinic did not explain that you needed 4000 grafts to transplant this area properly. They may have conditioned you to believe that 1000 grafts will give you a fantastic outcome even though the mathematics of 8 grafts per cm2 indicates otherwise. It is possible that 1000 grafts was the most they could perform in a single day which is why you were not quoted a larger number.

With regard to determining whether all the grafts grew, this is difficult to answer – purely because you did not have a large number of grafts implanted to begin with, and you may have additionally lost surrounding (non-transplanted) hairs while the transplanted hairs grew out. You did mention that you have never explored hair loss medication which is commonly used by hair transplant patients to stop existing hairs from getting thinner which keeps the hair looking its best for as long as possible. Not using medication may be a reason why you feel that you have lost some density over the last 12 months. This is because hairs around the planted hairs are probably getting weaker and weaker and eventually dying off.

You did not mention where you travelled to for your surgery so we cannot determine whether you went to a well-respected clinic who is using the services of an experienced and qualified hair transplant surgeon and supporting experienced hair transplant technicians.

Our conclusion is that if you obtained the necessary 4000 grafts and were taking hair loss medication to stabilise your existing shedding you would have been very happy and full of praise of the clinic and hair transplantation in general.

Hair Transplant Correction at Newin Institute

In answer to your final question, a face-to-face consultation at Newin Institute with Dr Rhett Bosnich would certainly be of value to you. Not only can we give you a thorough and honest assessment by reviewing your hair close up, you will also know exactly how many grafts you will require for Hair Transplant Correction Surgery and why.

If you would like to organise an appointment in Melbourne or Sydney about hair transplant correction surgery, simply call our head office on 03 9693 9200.