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The Increasing Popularity of Hair Loss Surgery

Hair loss surgery is now more popular than ever and its popularity keeps increasing each year. The ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) Practice Consensus of 2015 reported that 397,098 hair loss surgeries were performed worldwide during the year 2014. This figure is a 76% increase since the year 2006! The estimated worldwide revenue generated hair loss surgery and other treatments is now valued at around $2.5 billion US dollars ($3.5 billion AUD) per year and this figure keeps rising.

What do these figures tell us?

  • That hair loss surgery techniques and methods are continuously improving as hair loss surgeons and their assistants strive to achieve better and better hair restoration results for their patients
  • That hair loss surgery (a type of cosmetic surgery) is increasing in importance for people in their daily anti-ageing journey to look and feel younger

Hair Loss Surgery: who really needs it?

hair loss surgery 6 month resultsThe same study indicated that males aged between 30-39 years accounted for the largest percentage of patients at almost 32% followed by those within the 40-49 age group (27%).

Another interesting statistic is comparing what percentage of all surgeries comprised of FUSS/FUT versus FUE. In the year 2006 FUE only accounted for 7.4% of all hair transplant surgeries performed. Fast forward only eight years to the year 2014, it jumped almost seven-fold to 48.5% of all surgeries!

At Newin we can definitely attest to the fact that FUE is becoming the more popular surgical option. Though we still offer both strip (FUG) and FUE, depending on the patient’s suitability for the type of surgery they desire.

What about Eyebrow Hair Loss Surgery…

What we have noted at Newin Institute is that eyebrow hair loss is a huge concern for most women and even some men (particularly those people whose work requires public speaking, photography, such as models, etc). Hair loss surgery for eyebrows is a large part of the services we offer at Newin to help restore eyebrow hair loss.

The question of why hair transplantation surgery is rapidly increasing in popularity is often asked. The reasons can be broken down into the following:

Hair Loss Surgery: Increased Awareness and Better Results

Today when we want to know more about anything all we do is Google it and within an hour we can almost feel like a bit of an expert on that topic. People tend to avoid or fear things that they don’t fully understand.

People often used to believe that hair transplants are excessively painful and that they didn’t work. To learn more your only option was to speak directly with a hair loss surgery clinic. Today in the information age, everything we need is on the accessible from a computer.

Very Natural Surgical Results

A major reason why hair loss surgery was not considered by many hair loss suffers was because of the “dolls hair” effect of many older patients. These patients had surgery in the earlier days when grafts used to be 4-5mm thick holding up to 20 hairs each. As this didn’t in any way mirror the growth pattern of our hair it was always detectable resulting in almost all of these patients regretting the decision later on.

Surgery today uses follicular unit grafts which are only 1mm in diameter or less. Due to this the grafts are planted very close together to create levels of density and naturalness that was never possible in the old days.

It has taken a long time for the public perception of Hair Loss Surgery to change. Today, one should realise that the fabulous results achievable today do not in any way look like the dolls hair from the 70s and 80s. People can view hair transplant before and after results online to realise that they are now almost undetectable to the untrained eye.

Regaining hair these days takes less time

Surgery in the old days not only came with the problem of the dolls hair effect but also with the very limited number of grafts that could be planted in one day.

Many years ago, it was quite common to only be quoted in lots of 300-500 grafts at a time. This meant that you could not treat a large balding region in one day. It had to be done over five or six hair transplants spaced over the course of a few years.

However, as those patients kept losing surrounding hair as the years went by, they would often wave the white flag to hair loss after the second or third transplant due to the under par result they achieved.

These days, multiple small surgery is often not recommended for male pattern hair loss because a much more noticeable result can be obtain by larger surgery, and puts the patients at less risk because they don’t require so many multiple surgeries over one lifetime.

Today patients are achieving as much as 6000 grafts or more in the one sitting. Receiving such large numbers gives the patient a fantastic outcome after only 12 months instead of waiting 5 or more years.

The FUE Hair Loss Surgery Method

The linear scar generated by the FUSS method has stopped many patients from considering a hair transplant. The main fear is that if they want to shave all their hair off when they get older, the scar is going to be visible.

The FUE (follicular unit extraction) surgical technique which extracts grafts one by one leaves inconspicuous scar spits which are difficult to notice even under very short hair length. Many patients who avoided surgery because of the linear scar have now proceeded with surgery via FUE.

Hair Loss Surgery is Less Expensive due to Increased Competition

The number of surgeons and clinics offering hair transplantation surgery is slowly expanding. When any business realises that other new businesses are now offering a similar service they will often lower their prices. This is simply because of added competition as everyone wants to save money where they can.

Hair Loss Surgery and Social Media

Hair loss surgery and treatment information is easily accessible through social media these days because we can do our own private research, in our own time, on whichever device we choose in the comfort of our own home, or while on the go.  Sometimes this type of research prompts a person to find out more about hair loss surgery that they may not have considered previously.

The caution here is to make sure you are researching on good quality sites and social media to obtain accurate information and get advice that is tailored to your individual needs, circumstances and expectations. There is a lot of misinformation out there, so ensure your hair loss consultant is a trained medical professional, as many hair loss clinics are not medical practices.

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