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Fue hair transplant


Detailed Explanation of FUE Hair Transplants at Newin Institute

As in FUG Hair Transplant Surgery, you will be given mild sedative, local anaesthetic, pain-killers and anti-nausea medication to make your FUE Hair Transplant more comfortable and as pain-free as possible.

FUE Hair Transplants

Step 1

The donor region (back and sides of the scalp) is clippered to 1-2mm in length to allow the doctor to identify follicular units to be extracted. The donor area is then numbed with local anaesthetic.

Step 2

The patient lies face down during the extraction of follicles; and then the doctor extracts follicles from the donor region one at a time using a small round manual/automated punch (0.8-1.2mm).These small holes produced at the back/sides of the scalp will heal over 5-7 days.

Step 3

Once the required number of follicles has been extracted they are implanted into small incisions (the method of implantation is the same for FUE Hair Transplants and FUG Hair Transplants).

Step 4

At the end of the FUE Hair Transplant procedure, post-operative instructions and medication is given and an appointment is made for followup the next morning. At this appointment, a hairwash will be performed and you will be reviewed by the surgeon.