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Frontal Hairline Shape in Hair Transplant Surgery – Part 1

Frontal Hairline Shape in Hair Transplant Surgery – Part 1

Frontal Hairline Shape can be categorised into only a few naturally occurring types. The main categories are:

Frontal Hairline Shape - straightThe Straight Frontal Hairline Shape

This type of hairline is commonly considered to be the normal hairline for men.

It is not set too high, nor is it set too low. Nor does it contain any irregularities, eg uneven symmetry, widow’s peak or a cowlick.

The length of the forehead is aesthetically in balance with the length, width and shape of the full face.

Frontal Hairline Shape - MatureThe Receding and Mature Frontal Hairline Shape

The Receding  Hairline is a common shape for men experiencing Male Pattern Baldness (also known as Androgenetic Alopecia). The hairline recedes in the left and right fronto-temporal zones due to lost hairs and miniaturised follicles, forming a characteristic ‘M’ shape.

Hair Transplantation Surgery is the only option to naturally restore the Receding Hairline shape which has succumbed to excessive thinning and lost or miniaturised hair follicles. It is extremely important that the individual gives careful consideration to this procedure with a highly experienced surgeon. It is preferred that the Hair Transplantation Surgeon is skilled in and capable to offer both FUG (Donor Strip Surgery) and FUE. In this way, the individual can consider all his options and suitability to minimise any complications.

The Mature Hairline shape is the natural hairline shape of the older male.  Boys and young men generally start with a lower hairline, but sometimes can develop a mild ‘M’ shaped hairline in their early adulthood – between 17 to 29 years of age. This hairline is not a result of Male Pattern Baldness and the ‘M’ shaped hairline may remain stable for decades.

Some individuals do not desire the mature shape hairline. They may seek hair transplantation to bring the fronto-temporal recessions slightly forward to create a new hairline that appears less receded.

As long as the hair is stable (not suffering hair loss in) in the areas surrounding the recipient site, and the follicles in the donor area are suitable for transplantation, then the corrective results are quite successful.


Frontal Hairline Shape Recommendations for Males Seeking Hair Transplant Surgery

For younger males seeking Hair Transplant Surgery for a Receding Hairline Shape due to hair loss, it should be noted that it is normal for the hairline to change position with age.

For this reason, at Newin Institute, we recommend our younger male patients (eg 30’s) to choose a hairline that is not set too low. In this way, the result looks better as the individual ages(a low hairline in your 60’s looks very unnatural).

In addition, a slightly higher-placed hairline allows the Hair Transplant Team to implant and pack the extracted follicles more closely together, resulting in increased density which also gives a much more natural result.

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If you would like to speak with Dr Rhett Bosnich to determine your suitability for Frontal Hairline Lowering or Re-Creation, contact us now for your personalised appointment.