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eyebrow transplant results

Eyebrow Transplant Results: Patient Feedback

Newin Institute:  Why did you seek eyebrow transplant surgery?
eyebrow transplant results

Ms J:  As a young woman it was ‘trendy’ to pluck your eyebrows. I plucked them for many years, turning what was once a fairly healthy pair of eyebrows into two thin lines.

Unfortunately, they never grew back, so over the years I drew them on with a pencil and even went through a couple of painful sessions of eyebrow tattooing, which worked for a while, but then faded and I was back to where I started.

I read about eyebrow transplants at one time when I was looking at a hair transplant article. I investigated further and found a person who was a world renowned hair transplant surgeon, who also did eyebrow transplants.

What did you think of the eyebrow transplant results and surgery you received?

eyebrow transplant resultsEven though the procedure  was fully explained to me, I was still a bit apprehensive about what to expect and I was worried that when they took a strip of hair from the back of my head, that I would be left with a bald patch. This wasn’t the case and despite a little bit of discomfort while the incision was healing, I didn’t feel a thing during the surgery.

The surgery went surprisingly quickly and with no discomfort during the procedure. It took over four hours as you would expect when they are harvesting hundreds of hair follicles one at a time, but I was very relaxed and it seemed to go by very quickly.  Dr Bosnich was a very caring and gentle person who took the time to explain everything very carefully, and this really put me at ease.

There were two assisting hair transplant technicians who were also very caring and they helped make the whole procedure very comfortable.

What were your feelings and expectations about eyebrow transplant results after surgery and how did you deal with them?

When I first thought of getting it done I was quite excited. I didn’t have any misconceptions about what I was getting myself into. The only thing I could think about was how great it was going to be to have real full eyebrows again. I wouldn’t have to worry about accidently wiping my eyebrows off on hot days or being able to swim without makeup.

I presented to Dr Bosnitch for my first appointment some weeks before the actual procedure and he spent quite a bit of time going through all of the stages of the procedure and what to expect during the hair transplant surgery and the eyebrow transplant results in the following 18 months. He took some before photos so that I could compare them later on and I am really looking forward to seeing the difference.

Even though I wasn’t worried about having it done, his first talk to me put me even more at ease. Right up to the actual day of the operation, I had no apprehension and no second thoughts at all.

How did you feel during the surgery?

When I turned up for the surgery I was greeted and taken through to the operating room. I was prepped for surgery and asked if I wanted to be sedated or not. I chose to be sedated. I was made comfortable while Dr Bosnitch sat with me and administered the sedative. I vaguely remember hearing voices. I was able to answer when I was spoken to and I felt very relaxed and restful. Towards the end of the procedure I slowly became more aware of my surroundings but still had no pain. I found the whole process to be very pain free and stress free.

How did you feel immediately after the surgery and what was involved in your postoperative care?

After the surgery the Doctor gave me everything I  would need for my after care and explained how to manage any subsequent pain or discomfort. He also told me what I needed to do to care for my eyebrows over the coming few days. This included applying cream to the eyebrows every few hours to keep them moist. I was allowed to shower but not to having running water hitting my eyebrows. I went back the following day to have everything checked and was told that there were no complications and everything was going fine.

Over the coming week there was slight swelling and slight bruising but nothing that couldn’t be concealed easily with makeup. There healing process took a few weeks but no one in my circle of family or friends noticed anything.

Final full eyebrow transplant results occur up to 18 months post surgery:

  • how long has it been since your surgery,
  • how are you being followed up by the clinic, and
  • how do you feel about your eyebrow transplant results so far?

It’s been a twelve months since I went  in for the procedure and I have received regular contact from the surgery and had  a number of follow-up calls and told that I could  contact Dr Bosnich if I needed anything at all. The whole team is very friendly and I feel like they care very much for my wellbeing and this is exactly what you want to happen after any surgical procedure.

In the first few weeks some of the hairs had fallen out and I was told to expect that to happen as the follicles regrow new hairs over the coming months. Even in the first few weeks, when I was nowhere close to seeing the final eyebrow transplant results, my eyebrows were so much better than they were before the operation.

Apparently I will continue to get some additional growth up to 18 months after surgery and I can’t wait to see the final results at the 18 month mark. Dr Bosnich did mention that I could have a second small procedure by FUE to refine the shape and fullness if I need to at that time.

What is the biggest improvement that you noticed?

I think that the biggest thing is that I see a three dimensional image of my face rather than a flat  drawn-on line by tattooing or pencil.  Having real hair in the area seems to give my eyes and face a lift and even some of my friends have said what have you done to your eyes – they seem so much more youthful!

Are you glad you had the procedure, why or why not?

I couldn’t be happier and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this procedure to anyone considering it. It has given me a more youthful look around my eyes and it has actually given me a kind of unexpected self confidence that I find hard to explain.

I often chat to Dr Bosnich’s patients who are considering eyebrow transplant surgery, just to let them know how what the eyebrow transplant surgery is like and how the results have changed my life. I’m always glad when I hear back from the people I’ve spoken with to hear how it helped them too.

Newin Institute: Thanks for your feedback and perspective on eyebrow transplant results and surgery by FUG/FUE Ms J.

If you would like to know if we can help your eyebrows look thicker, fuller and more refined then call us for a face-to-face consult or send us your photos.