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Eyebrow Shape by Hair Transplant Surgery

Which Eyebrow Shape Suits your Face?

Did you know that your eyebrow shape can make you more or less visually appealing based on the shape of your face?

Eyebrow Shape - face



There are 6 basic face shapes:

  • Round
  • Long
  • Square
  • Heart-Shaped
  • Oval
  • Diamond-Shaped


How do I determine my face shape and which is the best and worst Eyebrow Shape for me?

 >> Click here for images and information about different Eyebrow shapes and basic Eyebrow anatomy as discussed below.


Your face will generally be as wide as it is long (widest at the cheeks).

Best Eyebrow:

Angled with a high arch and a short tail.

This lengthens your face, making it look slimmer

Worst Eyebrow:

Round Eyebrows.

This repeats the shape of your face, accentuating it’s roundness.


Your forehead, cheeks and jawline are all about the same.

Best Eyebrow:

Flat and horizontal.

This draws the on-looker’s eyes side-to-side rather than up-and-down to give the illusion of a more oval face.

Worst Eyebrow:

Angled brow with a high arch and a short tail.

This eyebrow shape will exaggerate the length of your face.


Your forehead, cheeks and jawline are all about the same AND  your jaw is SQUARE.

Best Eyebrow:

Angled with a sharp peak OR curved with a sharp peak.

This shape will draw attention away from your square jawline and balance your face and features.

Worst Eyebrow:

No specific eyebrow shape will make a face look more square. However, a delicate, rounded shape certainly won’t balance a strong jaw.


Your  forehead is wider than your chin, your cheekbones are the same width as your forehead and your face tapers to a POINTED CHIN.

Best Eyebrow:

Round eyebrows.

A round-shaped eyebrow will soften the point of the chin which is the distinguishing feature of this face-shape.

Worst Eyebrow:

Flat and horizontal eyebrows.

This eyebrow shape does nothing to  counter-balance the point of the chin.


Your face is widest at the cheekbones or temple, your forehead is short and narrow, your face tapers to a POINTED CHIN, and your features are ANGULAR.

Note that this face shape is quite rare.

Best Eyebrow:

Angled brow OR Curved brow with a peak.

These shapes will narrow your wide cheekbones and temple, and give your face another focal point for the eye.  A round brow will also provide softness to an angular face.

Worst Eyebrow:

Flat and horizontal brow.

This eyebrow shape is unflattering because it makes the face appear short by draw the viewer’s eyes side-to-side.  It also makes a wide face appear even wider.


Your forehead is slightly wider than your chin, your cheekbones are PROMINENT, and your face tapers to a NARROW OVAL.

Best Eyebrow:

Any shape that enhances your features, eg soft-angled brows.

This face shape is already oval, so brows play no major role in balancing the face.

Worst Eyebrow:

Ungroomed, unkempt or unruly eyebrows!! Ensure your eyebrows are properly groomed and maintained for neatness and tidiness.

Also eyebrows that are too highly arched will give the appearance of perpetual surprise or anger for the onlooker.


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