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FUG Hair Transplant


Detailed Explanation of the Follicular Unit Grafting Procedure at Newin Institute

Mild sedatives, local anaesthetics, anti-nausea and pain medications are all used during surgery to help you feel comfortable throughout the Hair Transplant Surgery.


Step 1

After your frontal hairline is marked out, you are given a mild sedative which will make you feel drowsy. During this time, local anaesthetic injections are administered to your entire scalp to make it numb.  This will last the entire day and make the procedure virtually pain-free.

Step 2

The donor tissue containing the hair for transplantation is removed  from the back and/or sides of your scalp (see picture) and the area is stitched and stapled closed using a Trichophytic Closure Technique.

Step 3

Trauma and Dehydration are the two main causes of poor growth.

This is why at Newin Institute, the donor tissue is then carefully and delicately dissected under Non-Heat Generating High-Powered Microscope. The strong magnification allows easier dissection of individual follicular units and prevents mechanical trauma, while the cool light prevents drying-out of follicles.

Step 4 

Transplantation of follicles into the recipient (balding/thinning) areas occurs over a number hours. The implantation occurs through the creation of tiny slits in the skin followed by the skillful and delicate placement of the hair follicle under magnification.

Step 5

After the completion of your Hair Transplant Surgery, post-operative medication and instructions are given and a time will be made for your review the following morning. At this review we will instruct you in post-operative hair care and perform a hair wash for you.