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Before and After Photos



Before and 2 weeks post Medical-grade Microneedling + PRP Injection by Dr Rhett Bosnich

Expected Progress

Improvements are expected to continue for up to 18 months post procedure, however this patient will have a repeat procedures every 6 months to achieve cumulative aesthetic improvements and benefits.

Home Care Maintenance Between PRP-Stem Cell Treatments

Between her 6 monthly major treatments (Medical grade Microneedling + PRP/Stem Cell injections), our patient has been prescribed a specialised home skin care maintenance program consisting of products with actives specifically designed to further promote collagen and elastin production and deposition.

These skin products not only help recovery, but prepare her skin for the the next treatment session.

Between PRP-Stem Cell Treatments

Note that it is possible for our patient to have 1-2 sessions of Medical-Grade Microneedling without PRP as a booster between major treatments.

…Visit again soon for the 3 month post-treatment before and after photo.